Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Xmas Wish List

In light of a recent Refinery 29 blog post on fashion's most obscenely expensive gifts, that got me thinking...I've been good this year. My expectations are reasonable, yet I still keep my expectations low as this is definitely going to be a "budget" holiday season for me. Considering a move to Brooklyn in January, a temporary (but highly enjoyable) gap between full-time "day job" work as I transition to my new destination, and simply the expenses of everyday life...yeah, I'll be doing quite a bit more "fantasy" shopping vs reality shopping. So to those of you on my gift-receiving list, prepare for the year of handmade DIY goodness (I promise to be creative this year, no handbags allowed). And in the meantime, I can still "fantasy" shop for myself...

Entire John Galliano Spring 2010 collection (click here for more - gotta love the runway music)

This bolero is just a little too much's plastic-coated polyester...and the gal wearing it in the pic is named Pixie. What the hell, throw it in my shopping cart. (Designer: Kay Desmond)

No wedding bells in the near future for me (as D breathes a sigh of relief) - but there is something about this Titanium and Bois de Rose Wedding Band by Zoe and Doyle that just resonates. I think it's a groom's ring...but those little trifling details are irrelevant to me.

A fab statement necklace with a nod to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Which has incessantly been playing in my head going on 3 weeks now. (Necklace by This Ilk)
Green metallic mini skirt from Rodarte.
Mmm...yeah, on second thought...the whole wrinkle-tastic getup. These guys are amazing.

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