Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving Yet Again

Not from my beloved Brooklyn, mind you. Just neighborhood hopping on over to Carroll Gardens later this week, one of my very favorite areas of Brooklyn. Yay!

Peeking down Smith Street, one of the main drags.

A view of downtown BK, from Smith Street.

Out and about, exploring the 'hood.

A close-up of D's ice cream from the pic above this one. Soooooo deliciously divine. Dark chocolate ice cream from one of the local joints. I opted instead for a white-chocolate-pecan-cherry cookie...not quite up to par with the ice cream, hence not worthy of a pic.


  1. Because you like the area, or because the first roommate didn't work out?

  2. Well, the first roommate was only a temp situation (a 2 month sublease). So I had to move regardless. But this is definitely one of my favorite places in Brooklyn, so I feel very fortunate to be able to relocate here!

  3. looking good! you're really rockin' your new haircut!