Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Early Handbag Days

Was digging though some old pics in my iPhoto gallery today and came across these. I love finding pics that remind me of my early days of handbag-making bliss. From day one of sitting at the sewing machine, I knew doing this was in my blood...and nearly 3 years later I still eat, sleep and breathe it...

I would do this all day, every day if I could. Well, now I pretty much do anyway...

On the left, the original Lolafalk label! I still have one pinned to the corkboard above my sewing machine. To the right - a more polished take as my line has evolved. Stitching in the label is ALWAYS the best part of making my bags.

One of my first sales...a dear friend bought this for his wife. I never packaged an order so carefully...

My first photo shoot! I'll always love small bags like these...even if most other people didn't seem to take a shine to them. These were my little "cupcake" bags.

My first indie market - Urban Street Bazaar in Dallas. Even if most of my sales were from friends, it will always be my "best show."

The design may have improved...but the quirkiness lives on.

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