Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Designer's Zen is Another Designer's...Root Canal

I design and produce my own line of handbags, hence I refer to myself as a "designer." Which would lead one to believe I got involved in this whole crazy biz because I like to design stuff. Yeah...umm...not quite the truth. In fact - the very antithesis of the truth. I hate the design process, and by hate I mean I would quite literally rather deal with getting a root canal than sit down with my sketch book and start dreaming up new bag-tastic concepts.

The root cause of this post is that I've just emerged from the black hole of the design process, and am now happily ensconced my very favorite part of what I do - production! Making sh*t! Gettin' 'er done! (that last one is for my Texas friends.)

I looooooooooove picking out fun fabrics, the whole mixing and matching and (bleeping) stuff up artistically to make the colorful little creations that are the very reason why I leap out of bed every day and can't get to my sewing machine fast enough. This is where I'm at now - cranking out the tangible stuff that I can look at and say "yes, dammit...I freaking made that crazy bag."

So it is in my resurrection from this dark tunnel that I offer a sneak peek at some of the fun little items I've been eeking out over the past few weeks, doing that annoying task of (bleah, shudder) designing.

...with little "finger straps" to keep them at the ready.
Smart Phone/iPhone Sleeves with...you guessed it - "hand straps" to keep your phone handy as well.

And yes, my inspiration is heavily influenced by my tendency to set down and forget both my business cards and phone wherever I go.


  1. GASP. love the business card holders!! i will need one when i grow up and become profession, ahem, about a year from now :D

  2. Haha, thanks Kat! I'm still waiting to feel like a "professional" and grown up...the business card holders are a good cover-up in the meantime...;).

  3. Get 'er done! :) I love the card holders too. Need one of those bad boys to carry my funky cards in :-D