Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fluevog's the Word

So here I sit, contemplating the first blog post. It should be meaningful, profound, a bit of a gateway into who the person is behind this blog. Hmmm...thinking, thinking, thinking. What resonates with me, what do I obsess over, what is the first word that pops into my mind?


Ah yes, of course. Never far from my mind, due to the fact that I have pictures of his shoes taped up in my studio for inspiration, I have his
website bookmarked on my computer (for daily visits), I'm a Facebook fan, a newsletter subscriber, a full-fledged 'Fluevoger' (try saying that fast 3 times in a row) and the mere mention of his name makes me giddy and lightheaded.

But do I own a pair? Nope.

I've been smitten ever since our paths crossed 2 years ago as I was browsing through "The Strip" category on Zappos and my gaze fell on these lovelies:

I've never been the same since. I think about these shoes a lot. No, really - a lot. But when it comes to forking out the cash, I'm all talk and no action. Despite the fact that in the grand scheme of shoe shopping they could be considered affordable given what a pair of Manolos or Choos go for, I just can't do it. I've come sooo close so many times to saying "(bleep) it - just buy them already." I've had these shoes in my shopping cart on his website, credit card info filled out, ready to click "Order," standing on the cliff, read to jump off...then suddenly, a pair of hands reaches out and grabs my shoulders to keep me from sailing over that cliff - and I remember this annoying but critical fact: indie handbag designers are poor - and I'm no exception. There's fabric to buy, thread and needles and eyelets and brass purse frames and vegan leather handles and zippers and logo tags and...and...just like that - these gorgeous, funky, weird little shoes start to lose a bit of their luster, and the thought of a new shipment of taffeta arriving in a few days suddenly makes me giddy and lightheaded.

Sigh. Welcome to my world.

However - this isn't the last you've heard from me Fluevog...


  1. After I saw you tweet about them, I fell in love with them, too. Maybe if we have mid-life crisis problems, we can buy shoes instead of cars! Great first post and I love your blog banner :)

  2. Thanks Mandi!

    It's gotten to the point where I'm almost afraid to buy them now, because I've built up these sky-high expectations about them. I just need to buy them already and stop obsessing!


  3. I am fortunate enough to live a bus ride away from a Fluevogs store. Don't hate me, but I own three pairs, a lovley little heart shaped kitten heel, a comfy pair of mules and a funky black suede pair with white checkerboard detailing. It helps that all of these lovelies were purchased during clearance and sales. I've been eyeing up your shoes too....

    Once while shopping for a dress to wear to my best friends wedding I got fluvogs instead (the kitten heels) because I was bloated and nothing fit right except the shoes.

    Welcome to the land of blogging BTW, I'm looking forward to reading more

  4. Thank you so much for your know there are others out there as passionate for these shoes as I am is so encouraging!