Sunday, June 7, 2009

Laura Dawson, You Were Robbed

I love this gal's current line - simultaneously moody and breezily summer-esque. Her aesthetic to me has a slouchy, casual-yet-elegant appeal; I so see myself in this simple white t-dress and boots, if only for the fact my staple wardrobe item is a form-fitting short-sleeved men's-style v-neck undershirt (Forever 21 has the best - and at under $5 apiece, perfect for my budget-conscious ways.)

Oh, and about the title of this post - several weeks ago she was booted off the Project Runway rip-off that I've decided to haphazardly start following called The Fashion Show. While I must admit I missed that episode, I did catch the dress that precipitated her getting the boot - and I really did feel she was robbed:

It has a sort of punk ballerina, gothic-Tinkerbell appeal to it. OK that might not make any sense but the point is that it's edgy, it's risky, it's drama and to me this is what the best kind of fashion, art and design portray. If it's not making you scratch your head and question whether or not the concept actually works, then in my mind, what's the point?

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