Friday, June 26, 2009

High Fashion via Potato

I love it when I find a really smartly written tutorial for a DIY-style project that is high on my list of to-accomplishes. And man, did I hit the jackpot yesterday while skimming my Refinery 29 daily newsletter: a crystal clear (i.e. lots of pictures and layman's terms) step-by-step tutorial on basic printmaking - using potatoes! Fingers crossed that it might actually result in something that I can wear outside the apartment that doesn't look like I made it in the dark or after drinking a few too many vodka sodas. A coup in and of itself indeed. And from the looks of the dress that was featured in the tutorial (above), I have high hopes that this will be a winner.

I had heard about printmaking with vegetables before but always thought it sounded kind of fluky and not likely to provide satisfactory results - like when I was thirteen and used Sun-In before going out to the pool and expected that afterwards my hair would look like this, but instead it looked more like this.

The beauty of this printmaking tutorial is that it requires really simple supplies, and for the few odd-ball materials that you'll need there are links for where to buy - so awesome, as I love links that take you to exactly where you can buy said items instead of going on a wild Google goose chase to track them down.

I'm going to give this a whirl and promise to share the (sure to be fab) results in the next few weeks.


  1. That is cool, but not screen printing. Screen printing is the process of using a stencil on a screen to execute your print.


  2. Got it - thanks for the clarification!

    And I'm bookmarking your website for any future professional screen printing needs :).