Thursday, June 11, 2009

When Typos are Beautifull

I stumbled upon designer Agnieszka Swiatly's website late one night after catching a glimpse of this stunning, shingled silk confection on the front page of Etsy:

I can't say what I find the most appealing about her - possibly her use of contrasting textures, as demonstrated in this frock to the left (soft, ethereal silk satin mixed with hard, glossy latex)...

...the fact that she's a fellow Polish gal...

...or the occasional (and in my opinion so very appropriate) misspellings that are sprinkled charmingly throughout her website. These are some of the loveliest translation typos I've ever come across, taken from descriptions written about pieces from her collection. I wouldn't dare fix them:

"Beautifull silk dress with latex strips from Caffe Latte collection. Ideal for oryginal woman"

"It's the most original coat from Caffe Latte collection. I made it of wool with cashmere and latex. Big collar is so charakterystic"

"Black dress made of ( poliester+ cotton+lycra). It's look gorgeus in diffirent colour white,red, violet or black"

These same words (spelled correctly) are used over and over (and over) again in the fashion world to elaborate on designer's collections, it's almost as though they've lost their meaning. I love how these simple words have been reinvented in the above descriptions. How fitting that this designer's gorgeous, innovative, sculptural pieces be accompanied by adjectives that are similarly innovative and unique.

For more on designer Agnieszka Swiatly, her "recognized styl" and "indyvidual approach to every project she makes" (yes!) check out her website:


  1. How quirky. "Lola Falk, Subtly eclectic and understatedly KWERKY"

    BY: Jimmy Harris :)

  2. Yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Now I just have to change my tagline...