Friday, July 24, 2009

Moto-Centric State of Mind

Perhaps it's the proliferation of motorcycle-esque fashion updates that have been parading my inbox of late, but I've had this unconscious desire to start "toughening-up" the current state of my wardrobe. Although I would say my dalliance into the trend of moto-fashion is more along the lines of "hog-inspired" rather than full-blown motorcycle in point, my latest boot acquisition, which might not pass muster with the Harley crowd:

"Made" from the Nine West Vintage America Collection

And then this got the wheels turning in my head. If all the fashion biggies are hot on this trend for fall, what's the indie/handmade market's take on it? A few faves I found browsing Etsy under the category "motorcycle:"

Red tartan plaid faux leather sun burst motorcycle jacket

SL 350 motorbike heather grey shirt

Black leather cuff with sterling silver riveted accent

Aqua motorcycle jacket

Vintage Marshall motorcycle boots

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