Saturday, July 11, 2009

So I Fibbed...

...and I didn't exactly post vacay pics as frequently as I had promised while touring Annapolis, D.C. and PA last week. I know, you're crushed. But I was just having too great of a time!

So here is a lightning-fast 360-degree glimpse of my trip, because if you're like me you really can't stomach the monotony of looking through dozens of someone else's vacay pics while hearing the minutiae of every place visited, every meal consumed and every hilarious anecdote that you don't quite "get" because you really just "had to be there."

Hopefully these pics will give you an idea of the flavor and vibe of each place I went. Click on each image for a larger view. And if you want more details on any of the places that I visited, feel free to zip me an email.

Downtown Annapolis:

(For pics of D.C., see previous post).

Gettysburg, PA:

Hershey Park in Hershey, PA:

And some random extras...

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