Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Crushin' Time Yet Again

I have a new crush (sorry Kruges) and this time it started off simply based on location. I tend to crush on any cool designer types who live in ultra-fab apartments in Brooklyn, as this is my ultimate crush city (are you sensing any aspiration on my part here? comment). But Brooklyn aside, this gal has some key criteria that puts her into my insta-crush category:

-Lives in Brooklyn (it bore repeating)
-Fashion designer for one of the coolest brands out there
-And a personal fashion and design philosophy that makes me hear symphony music in my head, it just sounds so right

I speak of Lisa Maycock, one half of the design team behind Vena Cava. The Thursday edition of my Refinery 29 newsletter delivered an interview with her that made my all-things-Brooklyn-and-fashion-related heart go pitter-patter. The fabulous apartment; the chic Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction-esque bob; the fact that when asked to sum up her style, she provided this simple, brilliant, quote-worthy nugget that is getting printed out and taped to my bathroom mirror:

"Confuse and Amuse." (cue the violins)

Here are some pics I snagged from the Refinery 29 interview showing Lisa in all her confusing and amusing glory:

Uma, is that you?

Back in my "corporate" days, this would have been my dream interview outfit.

Digging that poster in the background.

Be sure to check out the full interview here.

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  1. Hey Lauren, I figured you'd make your way back to Brooklyn eventually! Keep me posted on when you're up this way & we will have to get together. Best of luck with everything!!! Jessica