Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Heart, My Vogs...

So I have news - BIG big news.

For those who have been following the blog since day one, you'll recall the dedication of my very first posting to the holy grail of my life known as Fluevog shoes. And you'll also note that my love of Fluevogs for the past few years has been for the most part unrequited. Not because Fluevogs are selfish or withholding mind you...I refer to it as being unrequited for the simple fact that I've been too poverty-stricken to afford the essence of fashionable quirkiness that is a pair of Vogs.

And by now I'm sure you can guess what my BIG big news is. Yes dear readers...I finally bit the bullet and bought my very first pair last week! So intense is my excitement that I have spent the past 5 days with them propped up on my sewing table for creative inspiration, simply just to look at them and revel in the fact that I FINALLY have a pair of my daydream fantasy shoes. I have put the strict rule on myself to not wear them outside the apartment until they have been properly treated and "Lola-proofed" (i.e. protected against my uncanny ability to attract scuffs, scratches and weird motor-oil colored streaks on any cool pair of shoes I own the moment I step outside).

Ahhh...bliss. And of course, here are the snaps of my first pair of Vogs!

I have the feeling this is only the beginning of my Fluevog odyssey...


  1. Thank you so much! This was definitely a "milestone" purchase for me :).


  2. Oh my goodness1 They are so darn cute! You have finally arrived!!!!