Monday, September 28, 2009

I Was Doing So Well...

...keeping up with this blog, but lately things are getting crunchy pertaining to other realms of my life and my postings are becoming fewer and far between. Frustrating, because being the control freak that I am, I am accustomed to tracking - with laser-like precision - what's going on with every aspect of my life at all hours of the day - sort of like having a homing device on the 10 or so random activities/projects/plans/dreams/schemes I have in play at any given moment; I know where everything is at and can track with (relative) accuracy where things are (more or less) going to go next.

But I'm treading in deeper waters now. It's getting murky. And I know this is the name of the game when you're embarking on something that I suppose could be described as life-changing (or at the very least, "life-shifting".) This is what I signed up for when I decided it was time to make this change, embarking on a metaphorical cliff-jumping if you will, as that is what I always picture whenever a person does something representative of living a life less ordinary, like perhaps uprooting themselves to leave a place/situation/lifestyle that has become too familiar, stagnant and uninspired in exchange for something completely new, foreign, uncharted and (for these very 3 reasons) absolutely what I need to do.

It's crunch time.


  1. Oh Lola! I love what you wrote 'living a life less ordinary'. I think you are going to do great in your move. You are so in tune with yourself that this sense of blurriness will soon dissipate. It will be crystal-clear! You are going to do so well...think of Brooklyn darling! :)

  2. Thanks Preeti - I needed to hear that! I think I was just having a bad week - the clouds appear to be parting a bit, and you are absolutely right - thinking about Brooklyn makes it all feel better :).