Monday, October 12, 2009

Jumping for Joy

The weather in Dallas over the past week has decided to morph into full-fledged Fall, which is only fueling my excitement for the changes to come for me in the next few months (and possibly sooner, based on a recent - and fortuitous - turn of events that I need to keep mum about in the name of discretion for other parties involved). I know I annoy the heck out of my blog readers by being cryptic about my plans (as though they aren't kind of obvious, if you've been following previous posts). It's not my intent to be coy, I'm toeing the line between wanting to gleefully shout out the news to anyone I pass on the street and keeping a lid on things that are somewhat certain but not yet set in stone, hence I don't want to prematurely "spill the beans." The only thing I will say (to dispel any suspicion) is that it has nothing to do with the ringing of wedding bells or the changing of poopy diapers. It has more to do with an unexpected occurrence of events that has me feeling like I have just woken up from a 3 year nap and now have a brand new lease on life. And realizing that everything happens for a reason (even if it takes 3 years to come to fruition). Which is cause for me to want to leap in the air, much like this gal in the pic above (and that reminds me...I really need to start finding some proper winter-weather gear...)

Can't wait to be able to share the news, hopefully it will be very soon.

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