Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Hypocrite Indeed

My favorite types of blogs to follow are those that offer a bit of quirky insight into the people writing them, which is why my objective with this blog is to give my readers a peek into who I am beyond just being a handbag designer. And this is specifically why I avoid using said blog as yet another means to (yawn) plug my business. People know about this "thing" that I do, and if they don't or want more info about it, there are plenty of links on this page to lead them to where they can get more info. I'd rather use this as a place to express my love of figs, to share the work of artists that inspire me, to go on and on about Brooklyn and, of course, to pay homage to my Vogs.

But...I am sometimes a hypocrite, however only in ways that would never harm anyone else and only once in a blue moon. Like right now. And so I need to post one shameful plug about my business, but only because I have been waiting (no lie) 8 months to be featured as Handbag Designer 101's "Designer of the Day." And as we speak, I'm sitting in a stark grey cubicle at my (yawn) day job right now, and I can't woop and holler like I really want to, so the next best thing is subjecting my (very understanding) readers to this bit of hypocracy. Please forgive. And click here.