Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Latest "Aha!" Moment

While doing my Saturday morning blogroll reading catch-up, I came across this posting on the Style Defined blog about Katie Gallagher's collection from NY fashion week (and yes, I am more than a little behind on my blog reading). If her name sounds not yet familiar to you, just know that she is considered amongst the fashion intelligentsia as one of the young "up and comers." Refinery 29 recently included her in their post "The Six New Designers to Watch Now." As for me, I love not only her collection but also her personal style, and of course that means I have another crush. Especially when she sums up her design philosophy in a way that makes me wish I'd though to say it first because it so strongly resonates with what I'm trying to do as I evolve this thing I refer to as my "designer identity":

"I don’t believe that fashion is the end goal; stories, personalities, moods, ideals, and attitudes are. Fashion, when executed successfully, communicates these attributes quickly and eloquently."

I love this kind of conviction because it just fits with me. Everything I've tried to do in the year and a half that I've been at this has always been guided by intuition. And I feel that if it's coming from a place deep within you that is so authentically you, so much so that you have no doubt or question (or choice) about doing it any other way - then it results in exactly what Katie so perfectly sums up in the quote above. An "aha!" moment indeed.

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