Friday, October 23, 2009

Blonde Ambition

How fitting that I came across this posting yesterday, considering that later in the day I would be sitting in my hair stylist's chair and giving my 1+ inches of dark roots a platinum royal treatment that was shamefully months overdue. Although I neglected to take "before" pics, take a look at a previous "after" pic to reference the magic created by hair stylist extraoridnaire Dee. As grungy as dark-roots-gone-wild can sometimes be, there is about a 2 week period between when those pesky dark strands start sprouting up and when you've gone full-fledged Courtney Love - and that 2 week grace period results in the perfect balance of edgy-chic-yet-still-classy-platinum blond loveliness. Which is why, on the spectrum of blondness that is the subject of this post from Refinery 29, I feel I fall somewhere in between the Avant-Blondes and the Guitar Smashers.

If you're a blonde babe - natural or (ahem) not quite - check out the Blonde-O-Sphere and see where you fall. Heck, even if you are non-blonde check it out...chances are there is a little Courtney Love in each of us, be you a blondie, brunie, jet black or bald.

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