Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Thoughts on the "What If's?"

Stumbled across this blog the other day and fell in love. Missed Connections is a collection of random entries from various "missed connections" websites, curated by the talented artist Sophie Blackall. Her focus is primarily on chance encounters that take place in the NY metropolitan area, and she accompanies each selected entry with one of her own drawings that perfectly captures the longing, hope and humor that go hand in hand with these serendipitous situations - and I know I'm romanticizing the crap out of this, as I'm sure there are plenty of creepy connections out there...but reading Sophie's blog lets me bask in the fantasy of chance encounters with fairy tale endings.

So of course this gets me thinking about all the potential missed connections that could've happened in my life. Nearly 3 years ago D and I met in the last place I'd ever expect to meet the love of my life - a crowded, smokey bar that neither one of us really belonged in - and I like to think for that very reason we locked eyes across a crowded room and eventually (after 30 minutes of I look at you, you look away - and viceversa) made it over to each other to start talking...and haven't stopped since. What would've happened if one of us had lost the nerve and walked away, or figured it was a long shot to meet someone worthwhile in a cheesy bar, or decided to head out to a different bar where people wouldn't be dancing to "Sexy Back" ....these kinds of "what if" thoughts are precisely why I read about other's missed connections and hope like crazy that it's just meant to be.


  1. I love her illustration style and what a cute idea!

  2. I loved reading how D and you met! Yayyyy!!!!

  3. oh my god! i love her blog. her illustrations are enticing. thank you thank you.