Sunday, June 27, 2010

Under The Bridge

Exploring my current favorite 'hood in Brooklyn on a hazy, humid afternoon. Behold: DUMBO.

A peek at mid-town Manhattan, en route to my destination.

Lady Liberty in the distance.

My first glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge as I near the heart of DUMBO.

Under the BK Bridge, glimpsing the Manhattan Bridge.

BK Bridge. I'll never tire of these views, hence the many pics of it below.

The Watchtower Building...where presumably "they" are always watching you (the Jehovahs, me thinks).

Another view of the Manhattan Bridge.

Lots of old warehouses down here...converted into über-expensive lofts, as DUMBO is the new "it" spot to live in BK. Not quite sure what the appeal is when you have subway trains - with their deafening mechanical grinding sounds - going over the bridge every 5 minutes.

An adorable carousel found in one of the warehouse buildings as I passed on the street - many a café, gallery or kiddie carousel can be found as you traverse the somewhat desolate (yet oddly comfortable and familiar) streets of DUMBO.

Yummy chocolates and ice cream treats to be found at this renown chocolatier.

The "feel" of DUMBO...


...very "under the bridge"...

...with some ultramodern storefronts mixed in...

...and some funkadelic graffiti art...of a robotic futuristic angel-devel baby...

...these are everywhere in BK - seeing them everywhere really signifies the essence of living in NY to me, cuz I've never seen 'em anywhere else in the world...

...and some random floral adornments to a street sign post.

Technically "under the bridge." The BK Bridge, that is.

Some hazy views from the park beneath the bridge.

And a little, tiny snippet of beach space.

Interesting foliage that caught my eye. Wish I knew what these were...

Neato vintage car, snapped on my way home.

Snapped a pic on my way back home - I want to remember this quirky-cool indie theater that I just newly discovered to catch some flicks that are more up my alley.

Theater cross-streets (for my reference).

En route to home, before picking up a bottle of wine and getting ready to relax after my DUMBO adventures. Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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  1. I lived in Dumbo 10 years ago and there was nothing there! I lived over a recycling plant, and had to walk 30 minutes to Brooklyn Heights to get groceries. It seems so Strange that it looks like this now!