Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter Four

When I first moved to Brooklyn from Dallas, I viewed this change as starting a new chapter in my life - "the Brooklyn chapter" - and had posted about it here. But as time has gone by (nearly 5 months!) I'm beginning to realize it was more like starting a new book, with new chapters being written every month, shaping the experience of being here and how my life has so drastically changed in such a short period of time. From the actual move, to getting the biz established here, to getting a "day job" that pays the bills and isn't completely unbearable, to temporary living arrangements with quirky roommates, to getting my own blissfully beautiful digs (thanks day job!), to making new friends, to the most recent development...being back on my own. Not quite ready to elaborate on what that means just yet...only know that it was for the best and in the meantime I am sewing as though my life depended on it and listening nonstop to this band, specifically this song, off of this album. Deliciously melancholic yet hopeful...perfect for my current state!

So chapter four...I eagerly await to see how you'll unfold. Nothing has been as I expected, but it's all been beautiful, and moving here has been the best decision I've made in a long time. I'm grateful for all of the reasons that brought me here, even if some of those reasons no longer exist.

And in the meantime...snippets of the blur that is the current chapter of my life:

Brooklyn lovely-beyond-words new neighborhood.

Making skirts for new furniture...

...and for myself.

Taking pictures of cool doors around the city...

...and odd wooden carvings of bears doing yoga.

Making new logo tags...

...and hitting the trunk show circuit (Spring Crafts in Chelsea here).

And in the meantime, just remembering to not look back...and to know that everything happens for a reason.

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