Friday, September 4, 2009

Yes Indeed, I Fit the Profile

I am a woman (last time I checked)...and I like shoes. For someone like me who strives to go against the grain and stand out in the crowd (and sometimes tries a bit too hard, admittedly) I am indeed that cookie-cutter, stereotypical gal who obsesses over shoes. And I make no apologies. I'm only sorry that I don't have more money (or any money, for that matter) to spend on them. And so...I guess the next best thing is to share my latest objects of lust with you, fellow readers. And for any of you out there in the same financial straits as me (i.e. you can look but you can't buy), feel free to post links to your "wish list" shoes in the comments. It would feel good to know that there are others out there "suffering" like me...

Esska "Heat"
One of my fave shoe designers, but they're in the UK and only have (very) limited styles available outside the country...such a shame!

"Tinkerbell" ballet flats by Spirocreations
So, so pretty and delicate. I'd be pirouetting like a ballerina all day in these...

Esska "Moon"

Custom Blueblack Derby Shoes by zerkahloostrah
Going through a menswear phase right now, but I've always loved classic derby shoes like these, with a slightly-boxy toe. Oh, I want, I want...

Custom Red Retro Platform Pumps by Zerkahloostrah
So funky! And so perfectly vintage-looking, not like anything I've seen before...

C'mon guys, hurry up and get a store going over here in the US already!


  1. OMG those Tinkerbell flats!! to die for, absolutely.

  2. I know! I just love them...and there's something about the fact that they're custom made makes me want them even more.