Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brooklyn: The First Month

Yesterday marked my 1-month anniversary of living in Brooklyn, and though I've barely scratched the surface of experiencing all that NYC has to offer, I can't help but feel I've lived a sort of a mini-lifetime at warp speed in these past 4 weeks. There is the obvious adjustment that occurs when moving from a considerably more laid-back city like Dallas to a considerably more fast-paced metropolis like New York, but for a routine-and-ritual-centric gal like me, I'm talking about those little everyday things that add up to some drastic changes, slowing becoming my new routines and rituals - both the expected and unexpected surprises that New York delivers to its novice inhabitants - the good, the bad and the ugly. I've had the privilege of experiencing it all this past month...and I'm happy to say that I've loved every minute of it.

I may be in the middle of most tumultuous period of my life yet - currently unemployed, struggling to transition into the fashion industry, trying to establish some credibility for my handbag business in the über-competitive NY fashion market...but never feeling so driven to succeed in my life. And if I had to choose one word to describe how living in Brooklyn feels amidst this chaotic upheaval in my life, it would simply be... home.

The first of 3 "blizzards" that took place here in February. After 5 years in Dallas with nary a dusting of snow, this was such a delight to see walking out of my apartment in the morning. Having grown up in Michigan, 4-season weather is in my blood.

Of course, 12 inches of snow (and subsequent days of slushy 3-inch puddles of water all over the city) is unbearable without the proper footwear. My lifesavers...my "wellies"...and the first item of clothing/shoes purchased in NY that made me feel more like a New Yorker. These are definitely a staple here.

Ahhh...back to cooking with my favorite guy, albeit in the scary kitchen of the apartment in which I'm currently renting a room (fortunately, a short term living situation).

Scary kitchen or not, we still were able to prevail with a ridiculously divine Valentine's dinner of crab linguine, buttery garlic French bread...

...followed by a decadent flourless chocolate cake, topped with crème fraiche and blueberries.

Strolling the streets of DUMBO (you can barely see the outline of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background). I love the subtle, slightly different vibe of each neighborhood in Brooklyn (well, the neighborhoods that I'm not afraid to venture into, at least).

The infamous Grimaldi's Pizza...there's almost always a quarter mile-long line snaking out the door around dinner time. That day it was about 32 degrees out...and the line was still there.

A quick pic sitting at the Brooklyn Promenade. Freezing our buns off...but happy.

This is iconic Brooklyn to me...the Brownstone. Pretty ones in Brooklyn Heights here, slightly less pretty ones where I'm at in Prospect Heights...but I'll take them any day over the cookie-cutter, ultra-modern, blah boring suburban apartment complexes that pop up like weeds in most other cities.

Between Brooklyn and NYC...so many great doors. I'm planning a future blog post dedicated solely to images of them.

This has followed me through many different living spaces and sewing studios over the past few years. Everyone has (or should have) a motto or saying that gets them through the day...this is mine, currently pinned to the bare wall above my sewing machine.

My temp sewing space...about 70% of the 100 square foot space I have as a rental room. And yes, it is downright lilliputian. I just tell myself that when I "make it big," this will be part of the story of my humble beginnings, hehe.

Itty-bitty! Although I'm sure there are other people in NYC who could put me to shame with a smaller room.

One of my newly adopted treats...Swedish black licorice bites from Chelsea Market filled with...umm...that's a good question. Squishy pink and white fluffy stuff, I guess. So addictive, these may very well replace Jelly Belly's as my sugar drug of choice.

Did a stint at the Brooklyn Flea this past weekend; no celeb sitings but still tons of fun. Definitely a great way to get my feel wet in the NY retail market.

Such a delightful surprise...a red velvet birthday cupcake delivered to my booth at the Flea from the best guy in the world. So rich and decadent, it took us a couple days to work our way through it. Seriously to-die-for cream cheese frosting and a dense, moist cake in the most brilliant shade of crimson. I love punk-rock-yet-refined looking food.

Another delightful surprise...an unexpected birthday gift from a talented new Brooklyn friend who makes handbags as well! You can check out her charming, chic bags at Sans Map.

And the lovely, delicate necklace that I've had my eye on for quite some time...secretly purchased for my birthday by someone who shall only be referred to as Mr. Red Velvet Cupcake. I've said it before and I'll say it again...he's a keeper.


  1. just when i meet you...your gone...take care from Dallas.

  2. I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! And Mr. Red Velvet Cupcake gets my vote. Keep living the dream!
    This is so inspirational!
    I will be reading every blog...I love this story
    so much already.

  3. great post :-) so glad you like your b-day pin cushion :) thanks for the mention...! (oh, and your necklace is beautiful!)