Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Time to Dwell...2011 Awaits.

In homage to another passing year, some like to recap the highs and lows of said previous year and then dissect how they'll take what they learned and make the upcoming new year even better. Great if it works for for me, rehashing the past year for the umpteenth time is gonna push me over the brink.

For a rehash of my previous year click here, here, here and here. I'm over it though, 2010 was awesome, yes...but it's OVER. Time to start a fresh sheet of paper and write the next chapter. So here is a list of 2011 goals for the first 3 months, to get them out there and make my lazy butt accountable:
  1. Giving Back: I talk the talk but want to walk the walk. My dearest cause? Boosting the self-esteem of tween and teenage girls...cuz it kills me to see an 11, 12 or 13 year old girl go from thinking she's nothing short of perfect to suddenly feeling like she'll never be good/smart/pretty/skinny enough due to how most females are portrayed on TV, in magazines, or the likeliest culprit...the curse of adolescent angst that every girl has to go through. And yes - I'm thinking of the boy who told me when I was 12 that if my nose wasn't so big I might be pretty. Of course, now I can't imagine life without my quirky nose and wouldn't change a thing. However...I don't want these girls to have to wait until they're at the ripe ol' age of thirty-something to get right with themselves and their bodies. I want to heed these bad feelings off at the pass and don't want to wait until I have my own pre-teen daughter to do so. So this year, I want to start working with this cause and this cause.
  2. Meet my husband: Gross...yes - I just said that. But why the hell not? I'm putting it out there. Oh, and by the way - it'll be at Tea Lounge in Park Slope. Why there? At this point in my life I've learned not to question my intuition. It just is.
  3. Start making my own clothing: Bored and irritated with the of the lack of options out there, given that what I want only exists in my head anyway (hey, that's how I got started with the whole handbag thing). Once I have my 1-year anniversary of living in NYC (Feb 1) I'll start looking for classes to take at FIT - since I'll qualify for in-state tuition rates. Huzzah!
  4. Lead or teach something: A sewing class, a running/exercise group, a Spanish conversation group...something. I forever have shied away from being a leader or teacher, but somehow I know there lurks one within me.
  5. Choose my words carefully: Not because I tend to put my foot in my mouth...more so I tend to blather on and on...when I can get my point across in fewer words. I've been told this point-blank by several well-meaning friends, so it's on the list of 2011 improvements.
And with that final goal - I'm done (no extra blather). Happy New Year - here's to an AWESOME 2011 for all of us!

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